High impact mobile billboard scooters to engage your customers in the great outdoors

Vudo Media utilise the Australian outdoors for pinpoint advertising campaigns, we literally take your marketing message to your target clientele and engage with them. We understand that engagement in marketing is crucial to a business and its success.


Consumers are increasingly spending less time indoors and therefore are less exposed to traditional media forms. High impact visual mobile signage is the perfect answer to counter this trend as, we go to them.


Scooter advertising gives you targeted reach


Mobilites can be used to specifically target high volume ares of potential client activity. Our scooters head to exactly where your target market lives, works and plays.

Flexibility to design your own campaign


We allow you complete control over when and where your media will be seen. You can choose the days, hours and location and we'll help tailor a schedule to best maximize exposure for your brand. There are no set packages or minimums as your campaign is designed around your needs.


We are the most cost effective advertising option because every dollar you spend, heads exactly where you want it.


The riders can wear branded clothing, costumes, they can also handout promotional material or meet up with promotional teams to create a massive impact.


High visual impact


We own and operate our own mobilites which are eye catching and dynamic ...they quite literally turn heads.


We can also tailor innovative designs and molds to your message in order to maximize the impact of your campaign be it image, branding or a call to action.


Zero set up


All design and printing requirements are handled by us to save you time and money.



Diverse, highly visual, flexible and engaging

...the perfect medium




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