Branding and Cross Media Imaging

Image and brand are often used when describing how people present themselves or their company.


In fact, they are distinctly different.


Image and Brand


Image is the visual representation or packaging. A brand is the “experience” of the individual, product or company.


Personal Branding


Is the communication of unique strengths, skills, values and passions. Your experience, education, verbal and non-verbal cues, your physical appearance and what/who you surround yourself with.


Company/Product/Service Branding


Is the communication of your purpose, mission, company culture, ethics, competitive advantage, community values, customer experience, public image.


Public Perception


The way you project these traits is the image the public sees of you. Over time this becomes your reputation and the reason why people will follow, recommend, buy or vote for you.


We understand the value of a good image and branding. We work with you to create your brand, your image for the best possible results.







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